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15 Things We All Do When Watching TV Alone

Is it possible to sink further into the sofa without becoming part of it?

1. Burrow into a particular corner of the sofa.

2. Create a mini universe in your immediate surroundings in which you never have to move from ever again.

3. Build a fortress of cushions around you, because this movie is terrifying and you need a solid defense!

4. Fast-forward the anxiety inducing parts, then go back and watch so you don't get too scared when you sit through it at normal speed.

5. Talk through the plot with yourself to ensure you understand what just happened, why it happened, and possible future repercussions.

6. Turn the volume way up when you go into the next room to get a snack, so you don't miss any action, then sprint back at full pelt.

7. Cry during cheesy kids movies, because let's be honest – they cut deep to your emotional core.

8. Contort your body into strange and alarming positions in the hope of putting off having to use the bathroom.

9. LOL really hard and then feel a bit embarrassed because you are all alone.

10. Scream at the television, “WHYYYYY?!?!?! WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE?!?! THAT WAS SO UNNECESSARY!!!!!!”

11. Gradually sink from sitting upright to nearly horizontal, with your head propped up and pointed at the TV.

12. Try to explain to all of the characters why they're making the wrong life decisions as if they can actually hear you.

13. Be doing a thousand things at once: watching the TV while being on your laptop, while texting on your phone, while reading a book, while eating snacks, etc.

14. Have to rewind and watch everything back because you were doing a thousand things at once.

15. And finally, use your pet's paws as tissues.

We all love to relax on the sofa, but did you know that sitting for extended periods of time heightens your risk of getting a blood clot in the leg?¹ Find out more about the Time2Move campaign here.

¹ Thrombosis UK: The Thrombosis Charity. Reducing the risk of e-thrombosis. February 2013.