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Jungle Beach Unawatuna – Beachside Bliss And Sundrenched Sands

While not the “secret beach” it used to be, Jungle Beach in Unawatuna, along Sri Lanka’s south coast is a small slice of shore that is well worth heading to. You may not find true seclusion but it still offers a relatively less-crowded beachside getaway.

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Getting there / Via

Set amidst jungle environs, Jungle Beach can be found in Unawatuna, close to the main south coast city of Galle. Located within easy reach of Mosvold Villa, this beach can be accessed after a short hike. If you want, you can get to the beach by way of the Peace Pagoda found nearby.

What to expect / Via

Due to its growing popularity, Jungle Beach does see more and more visitors these days. Fear not, if you walk past the first part of the beach which has many sunbeds you should be able to find areas with fewer people and if you are lucky none at all.

Unwind by the surf / Via

This beach is a great spot to just chill out, soak up the sun and work on that perfect holiday tan. Jungle Beach also offers a relatively mild sea area for some swimming, while snorkelling can be tried as well, though it is a bit limited.

When hunger strikes / Via

If you do get a sudden case of the munchies, there is a cafe where one can order snacks, drinks and some local dishes, before heading back out to the glorious sunshine and sand, and later, catching a magical sunset.

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