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Fun Travel Facts About The Seychelles

Make the most of your vacation Being a world famous luxury holiday destination, Seychelles has many things to do and places to go to, when you are holidaying there. Some of the reasons why you’d love Seychelles follow.

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Minus Malaria / Via

While the rest of the world is living in fear of the dreaded mosquito bite and malaria, Seychelles is one place on earth where the disease simply doesn’t exist! Be it a tiny lodge or a luxury resort like AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa, you are safe from malaria everywhere.

The Bugs / Via

Though you’re safe from malaria in Seychelles, being a tropical island, it is only expected that there is a bug or insect of some sort hidden in the golden sands. So, whatever you do, don’t ever lounge by lying down directly on the sand in the beaches or you’d end up with mysterious itches all day.

Take a walk / Via

Unlike most tourist destinations in the world, Seychelles is safe. This doesn’t mean you should wear all the pearls you own and prance down the main road at night, but the place is pretty chill, and rarely ever do you get reports of violence or theft.

You’re on Dino Land! / Via

Some of you might just shake your head at this, but to those who get excited about the oddest things, dinosaurs included. Be ready to be shaken, as Seychelles used to have dinosaurs roaming on its land about 150 million years ago!

No man’s land / Via

No one lived on Seychelles until the 1700s, believe it or not. The island itself is pretty ancient in terms of history, but only after the French settled here in 1770 did it become a civilisation.

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