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9 Easy Steps To Bake The Most Delicious Honey Lavender Macarons

The original Macarons date back to the early 20th century and got their fame in the 1920’s in various parts of the US. I will share you 9 easy steps to make Honey Lavender Macarons

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There have been many different flavors of them tested, tried and appreciated over the decades since with many of them reaching international fame as well. The Lavender Macarons with Honey Butter Cream also referred to as; Honey Lavender Macarons in plain consumer terms are special variations of the regular Macarons that are baked with the particular intention of celebrating something (for the most part anyway).

Their lavish Lavender essence and mouth watering honey buttercream taste are perfect for celebrating those perfect moments. Here is a perfect bake off technique in a few easy steps to help you make honey lavender macarons that will indulge your taste buds and smell receptors in a perfect way and all at the same time as well.

Right off the bat, we want to inform our audience that the recipe we will be putting out is perfect for 40 outer shells (20 whole Macarons) altogether.

How It’s Made

1: Preheat the oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps get a fine deep bake and yet keep the end product nice and crispy.

2: You’ll need a food processor to blend the confectioner's sugar, almond meal, and lavender until they are fine, whisk the mixture into a large bowl for later use.

3: Whisk the egg whites and sugar together in a stand mixer bowl at power level 4 for 3 minutes, now turn the power level to 7 and whisk for additional 3 minutes, increase power level to 8 and whisk for another minute or two until you find a stiff meringue in the bowl. Add food color at this stage and at power level 8, whisk again for a minute to mix the color rite up.

4: Drop all the almond meal mixture into the bowl in one motion, it is the best practice to use both a folding motion and a smearing motion to mix the dry ingredients and deflate the meringue against the side of the bowl respectively. Don’t be gentle with the batter, once finished it will be more consistent than you imagined.

5: Fill the batter in a pastry bag with a coupler or a top (your choice). Pipe down shells on the parchment paper placed on the baking tray in the size of a quarter (US currency, of course, about 1 inch), ensure they are spaced about an inch apart at least.

6: This stage will require some whacking of the tray against the floor or the kitchen counter maybe, do this twice and then rotate and hold the other end of the tray and whack again for a couple of times to sit the batter down smoothly.

7: Put and leave in the oven for about 15 minutes, the shells should be easy to pick up from the tray at this stage.

8: Leave to cool off to a room temperature, in the mean time in the bowl of the stand mixer, beat the butter for 2 minutes and add confectioner’s sugar ever so slowly and whisk till you can see everything nice and smooth, same thing for honey for another minute or so to smoothen everything up to make your honey

lavender filling for the macarons.

9: Fill the shells with the prepared honey lavender buttercream and your delicious Honey Lavender Macarons are ready to be served.

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