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Thank Your Lucky Stars You Came Across This: Your Success Story Has Already Begun

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Fortune favours the brave! My life has been something of a boring circle. Nothing new happens, everything is predictable. Today is exactly like yesterday and will be the same as tomorrow. To say I was frustrated is an understatement, it went beyond that. I wasn’t looking forward to any day, I just watch days turn to weeks, weeks to months and months to years. My life was simply breezing past me and I do not know how to get a hold of it. It was that miserable for me.

In the year 2016, I made a new year resolution(which is just like a ritual for most people). My resolution was simply to stay positive every day of the year. Hey, truth be told, it is easier said than done. But not withstanding, I was determined to change my life and have a new circle. So to achieve my goal, I had to set a principle that will be guiding me. My principle was to be reading motivational books and quotes. I believed that those motivational words would get me inspired. So, with a heart full of determination I went about to not just achieving my goal but crushing it.

During the first quarter of the year, I was feeling alive. I had goosebumps whenever I read super motivational quotes and books. In summary, I was fired up! I started thinking of business ideas that would bring about massive success. As an optimist, I was trying out these ideas and throwing in everything I had. By the time the year ran half, I was already broke!

I was devastated , I had lost more than I have gained yet nothing is working out. I have sacrificed my happiness for hard work, still no result to show for it. I was on my lowest ebb. Always remember that “a broken heart and an empty wallet teaches the best lesson”. I new something was not right with me and I had to figure out what it is.

In life, regardless of who you are, always be honest with yourself even if you can’t be with the world. So, I simply had to tell myself the truth. After several weeks of thinking, researching and consultations I finally realised that my worst enemy, who brought about my downfall was no other thing but my MINDSET. As surprising as it may sound, my mindset was what betrayed me.

How did it let me down, you may ask?

I have always had a “caged mentality” towards taking risks. My mindset has always been to go for “THE SAFE BET”. There has never been a willingness to take a leap and achieve something awesome. I only have strategies on how to avoid taking the big risks, hence, there has never been a big win. This was my downfall.

I was set out to make things right, having passed the first step which was to identify the problem. I moved to the next step which is solving the identified problem. This was the stage that was a bit difficult for me; left with little to nothing in my account I had few options on what to do. But one thing is for sure, I had to start something

Start from where I am

Start with fear

Start with pain

Start with doubt

Start with my hands shaking

Start with my voice trembling but I must start.

Start and won’t stop

Start with the little that I have

With my determination I researched on how to make the most of the little that I have and the answer was Oz Lotto.

For the first time in my life I dared myself to take a leap and win in a big way.

Though I took the big risk, I was also calculative in my steps. I chose Oz Lotto Results out of the thousands of lottery shops(both online and offline shops) out there, because Oz Lotto Statistics clearly has the highest winning percentage. This motivated me to invest my last cent in the lottery.

Just like it was stated in the popular book “48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene And Joost Elffers; Enter Action With Boldness! I adhered to this instruction and it paid off in an awesome way.

How I won Big: What Really Helped Me

When I registered on Oz Lotto, I was given a 100% welcome bonus and was credited with up to $30 in my account.

With Oz Lotto News, I was frequently updated with the latest news, popular news and featured news. This made it very easy and convenient for me to keep up with the happenings around. It helped me to develop a healthy and winning mentality.

I regularly checked my Oz Lotto Results for vital informations concerning my lottery. These results assured me that since other people win, why won’t I? with Oz Lotto Results, my confidence was renewed everyday.

Yeah, here comes the one that kept my dreams alive each passing day; it is the Oz Lotto winners. Any time I checked this section, my feelings change, I do have a rush of blood all over my body. By mere seeing the names of the winners, I simply virtualize my name being among the list soon. It made me very positive and that is a major key to winning.

Waking up on a Friday morning and feeling dizzy isn’t something I am used to, because Friday is my favourite day of the week. But on this occasion I felt different, I had to take a cup of water and do a little exercise. Then I went on with my daily routine activities. During my afternoon break, I went to have my lunch and as a habit( not a good one) I operate my phone while eating. So, as usual I assessed my Oz Lotto and I saw the message that changed my life from that very moment.

It is a very emotional story that I can’t put my feelings into words. Up till this moment, I haven’t been able to explain how it all happened but one thing I am forever sure in life is that, Fortune favours the brave.

The RULE is simple…Take The Risk And Join The Millionaires!

Thank You Oz Lotto.

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