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9 Reasons Why You’re Missing Out If You’re Not Already On TikTok

Still haven't downloaded TikTok yet? Get it now from both the App Store and on Google Play.

You've probably already seen a ton of videos from TikTok, the entertainment app that allows users to create short videos and is super popular with Gen Z. But if you haven't made an account yet, now's the time.

Here's what you're missing out on if you're not already on TikTok:

1. TikTok lets you choose your interests so you get super personalized videos in your "For You" feed.

Screenshot of the TikTok interface that allowed you to pick interests like "Art" and "Sports."

2. All of your favorite influencers, celebrities, and brands — like BuzzFeed! — are already on TikTok.


Me learning to socialize again once quarantine is over 🐱 Link in bio for full video! 📺 #BuzzFeed

♬ original sound - BuzzFeed
Don't miss out on important updates and trends!

3. But mostly, TikTok is ALL ABOUT the trends. It's easy to browse trending hashtags in your "Discover" section.

Screenshot of the TikTok interface that allowed you to discover trends.

4. Some TikTok trends go so viral that you're probably already familiar with them. So, if you're wondering why all of your friends are suddenly making the same #FetaPasta recipe, you can thank TikTok.

5. You might even discover a trend you didn't know you were into — like recipe ASMR.


ASMR Rich & Creamy Flan 🍮 #flan #asmr #tasty

♬ original sound - Tasty
Unsurprisingly, #ASMR is huge on TikTok!

6. TikTok is also filled with tutorials, simple DIYs, cleaning tips, how-tos, and hacks that you didn't even know you needed.

Get your home organized and cleaner than ever just in time for spring.

7. You'll actually learn practical life skills — like how to manage your finances, how to ace job interviews, or how to start a business — in fun and accessible ways.

TikTok / Via

It's all the stuff you wish you learned in high school but didn't!

8. TikTok truly has a community for everyone, whether you're into cars, sports, comedy, politics, gaming, fitness, photography, travel, or something totally unique.

TikTok / Via

Or create content and do your own thing!

9. And, maybe most importantly, TikTok has cute, funny, and talented pets!

Screenshot of the TikTok app with pictures of pets

So, what are you waiting for? Get TikTok now from the App Store and on Google Play.