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If You Love To Cook, You Need To Download TikTok ASAP

Hungry? You're about to be thanks to TikTok's drool-worthy food videos!

You're probably familiar with TikTok, the fast-growing entertainment app that allows users to create short videos and swipe up through an endless stream of funny, educational, and entertaining content.

Screenshot of the TikTok app that shows an ice cream cone

If you're a foodie or a meal prepper and you're not on TikTok, here's what you're missing out on:

The internet's biggest trends start on TikTok. From the now famous #tortillatrend... the #fetapasta recipe that you're definitely seen floating around the internet (and may have tried!)...


@oldladiekatie made that baked feta pasta we’ve been seeing everywhere...but with a TWIST #bakedfetapasta #tasty #goatcheese

♬ original sound - Tasty soothing #foodASMR videos. (And don't forget about all of the banana bread and whipped coffee you made last year!)

And if you're the kind of person who likes to cook once for the whole week, you absolutely must check out #MealPrep TikTok.


Or if you're new to cooking and need a little extra help in the kitchen, TikTok has tons of tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you level up your skills.


What culinary questions do you have for Kelly? #Tasty911 #fyp #cooking #bakingfail #recipes

♬ original sound - Tasty

#MomTok is the perfect place for parents looking for yummy, kid-friendly recipes, like bento box school lunches.

TikTok / Via

If you're an experienced cook who's looking for more advanced recipe videos, TikTok has that too. Whether you want to recreate your fave restaurant meals at home in quarantine...

...or want to find a twist on a tried-and-true classic like grilled cheese!

Oh! And, of course, all of your favorite chefs, food influencers, and food networks — like BuzzFeed's Tasty — are already on TikTok!

Screenshot of Tasty's profile on TikTok

So what are you waiting for? Get TikTok now on both the App Store and Google Play.