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This DIY Letter Board Won't Break The Bank

Can you spell "trendy AF?"

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Picture frame with at least 1-inch depth - $10


Wooden dowels (3/16-inch recommended) - $9

Sand paper


Hot glue gun

Hot glue sticks

Plastic letters - $9

Felt or old T-shirt $5

Spray adhesive


# Remove picture frame backing. Measure the width and length inside of the picture frame.

# Cut 2 pieces of wooden dowels to match the length and enough pieces to match the width. If you're using 3/16-inch dowels, 4 pieces per inch will be required. Sand any rough edges.

# Place pieces lengthwise inside the frame. Apply hot glue at the corners. Place pieces across width on top to complete frame.

# Glue dowels in to fill frame, leaving a ⅛-inch gap between dowels. Test plastic letter on dowels to make sure the fit is appropriate.

# Felt or T-shirt fabric should be a few inches wider and three times longer than than frame. Place felt over dowels and use a ruler to tuck it in between the gaps between the dowels. Cut excess fabric.

# Cover felt with spray adhesive.

# Insert finished frame into picture frame and add letters as desired.

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