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Drift To Sleep Under These Calming DIY Hot Air Balloon Lanterns

Sweet dreams.

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1. Cut tissue paper into small rectangles. Inflate balloon to desired size. Coat with wood glue and apply tissue paper until completely covered. Repeat until the balloon isn’t showing through the layers of tissue paper.

2. Allow balloon to dry for 2 days.

3. After drying, pop the balloon and remove.

4. For the basket, spiral twine to desired size and stick on a piece of tape. Apply hot glue to twine. When dry, remove tape. This is the base.

5. For the sides of the basket, measure the outside of the twine circle with twine. Cut and repeat for desired height. Line up pieces on tape. Hot glue the pieces. When dry, remove tape. This is the basket wall.

6. Hot glue the end of the basket wall and apply ends together. Add tape to hold until it’s dry. Apply hot glue to the outside of the base. Stick basket wall to the base.

7. Cut 4 long pieces of twine. Stick to inside of the basket with hot glue. Poke 4 holes in the bottom of the balloon with a pencil (Tip: Poke with a needle to help establish the first hole). Tie basket to balloon.

8. Poke two holes at the top of the balloon. Insert wire and create a loop. Cut wire and apply hot glue where the two wire ends meet.

9. Insert a battery operated LED string light inside.

10. Hang as desired.

Warning: Do not leave unattended as lights and paper always pose a fire hazard.

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