Draw Your Own Electrical Toys!

    You're never too old to play with toys...especially when there's science involved!

    Do you have a pencil? Then get ready—you can draw your own circuit!



    Pencil (6B recommended)

    LED light


    Alligator clips

    9V battery


    # Draw two thick lines with the ends close to each other.

    # Tape LED light down to lines with one leg touch each line. The longer LED leg is the positive side.

    # Place positive side of 9v battery onto the positive line and the negative onto the negative line.

    How does it work?

    Pencil graphite is typically a mixture of clay and carbon. The carbon atoms are arranged into honeycomb patterns. Completing a circuit with an LED bulb allows the electrons from a battery to light up the LED. Because graphite isn’t the best conductor, it’s harder for electrons to travel through it if the circuit is long. This is why the LEDs brightness varies with the length of the pencil drawing circuit.

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