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    Couples Had A Completely Truthful Conversation And It Will Make You Sob

    There's an all-you-can-eat-sushi story that will SLAY you.

    Studies have shown that honesty breeds intimacy in relationships. So, because we want to torture you with cuteness, we decided to have couples answer a series of questions completely honestly and to each other's faces:

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    We interviewed a wide variety of couples, some of whom had been together for a few months and others who had been married for a few years.

    The first question was "How did you meet?" And tbh, their answers were better than you and your significant other's for sure.

    Next, we asked, "How was the proposal?" And turns out the ol' "needing the bathroom when you're nervous" rule DEFINITELY applies:

    Then, it was time to find out what they admire most about their partner — and some surprising compliments came out.

    But when we asked them for their most heartwarming memory together, things got too cute to handle. Seriously, I dare you not to cry during this story:

    You see, this story is about so much more than all-you-can-eat sushi, my friends. This story is an example of the truest, purest, loveliest of all loves:

    And don't think your tears done flowing, because straight after that there was this story about being surprised with flowers for the first time:

    But the real kicker was when we found out that Chris moved from Nashville to LA to be in the same city as Jani and give things a "real shot":

    After that festival of adorableness was over, we asked them how having this talk made them feel. They all agreed that it was really special and important for them to hear these things and remind each other of all the reasons why they love each other.

    Plus, you'll be happy to know they didn't all completely melt in a puddle of sentimentality and lose their sense of humor: