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IN happy congrats to Deaperate housewives actress Emily Bergl on her New born Baby ...Her friend fellow Broadway, tv, Movie &stage performer, Tiffinni saint ranae has a fun upload .. in 2010 actor Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaals dad, movie Director, Stephen Gyllenhaal sent lovely writer/model /songstress Tiffinni Saint Ranae to a fun filmng and interview all over Chelsea/Tribeca with her friend Emily Bergl whence he finished filming his movie prod of GRASS roots starring Actor Jason Biggs... Tiffinni and the publicist who works with the Gyllenhaals had wonderful fashion conversations with Emily and her Kidding on the square accompaniest but when the promo event was over, Tiffinni, team bergl and the publicist embarqued upon adventures all throughout NEW YORK city , fashion ave and chelsea in a very fun adventure and you can enjoy the fun fashion type adventure "Capades frolic de Camera " ala Hilary and Hayley duff by following her on twitter or asking for it on Vevo .

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