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17 Things That Were High-Tech AF In The 90s But Will Have You Shook Now

90s Kids were a generation of guinea pigs, set loose to explore the emerging world of tech. We bridged the gap between playing outside and playing online. Here's a look back at some of the next-level tech we grew up with before Siri learned her first swear or AI was even a thing. Boo-ya, b*tches! Enjoy.

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1. These floppy discs because how else do you back that thing up?

That's right. You can still buy floppy a premium. These gems must be considered memorabilia for the unfortunate souls who actually once used them because the markup on these outdated time capsules is ridiculous. If you're feeling nostalgic, these will set you back about $70.

2. This next-level Nokia phone bringing me life.

THIS was my first cellphone. And the best part was, you could change the case. So damn stylish. But let's not forget the belt clip! Mine clipped on to my belt and I could literally spin my phone around like a helicopter (for those of you paying attention, yes, that is a Petey Pablo reference).

3. The OG Apple product you had to have.

The iMac...Who didn't want one of these colorful computers growing up? And why wouldn't you with a marketing slogan like this, "Technology advances again. This time with a bit of flair. A new iMac can get you on the internet in 10 minutes out of the box - and put a little color in your life. Holy batman, what speed! Oh the days of dial-up internet, but i digress.

4. This Rolodex because you popular.


Once upon a time only the hippest PAs and most in-the-know people had a Rolodex full of VIPs on standby with their rotary phone at the ready. If you still have a Rolodex full of high-profile contacts on your desk, do yourself a favor and ditch it before a disgruntled employee does you dirty and steals you business. Time to stop dating yourself and embrace the digital age already.

5. Be-beep. Jeepers, creepers, where'd ya get those beepers?

Gone are the days when you could only be pestered by your annoying boss by way of beeper. Never-the-less the late-at-night page from your boss' 911 message was never welcome. If you we're lucky of enough to own a pager but not actually need it (re: children of the 80s), you thought these we're the

6. Before text, before Skype, there was AIM.

Up until recently, we actually still had this relic of teen years past floating around the internet, who knew? (For those die-hards out there, you have until January to IM your last words). I'll cherish the days of angsty away messages meant to catch the eye of that week's crush and flirty chats with complete strangers. In hindsight, thank god they're killing this tech. Bye, bye, bye predator chat rooms. (Paying attention? Yup, I'm throwing out a shout to my boys N'sync.)

7. This monster of a machine that haunted me in my early 20s.

The dreaded fax machine. Oh, how I loathed you at my first job out of college. Archaic little wretch that you are. You always beeped at me in anger and never made it where I sent you. I feel sorry for the poor souls who still have to use such a disaster. Haven't you heard of a scanner? What's wrong with email I tell ya?

8. The car phone. Because pimpin' aint easy.

Now this, my friends, was luxury living. My parents had a good old-fashioned car phone, conveniently located on the floor of their 1994 Cadillac DaVille. I remember it dearly, because when I turned 16 my dad tried to pawn it off on me as my first car, and I told him sorry dad, pimpin ain't easy. I can't be seen in that thing, even if it is super high-tech.

9. Double VHS hits like this gem.

That's right kids, Stephen King's IT was a 2-VHSer. For those of you who don't share in the childhood memories spent venturing out to the nearest Blockbuster, loading up on new releases and candy before getting the shit scared out of you watching IT on VHS, I feel sorry for you bro. Fortunately though, you never learned to "Be Kind. Please Rewind". You also never learned the repercussions of a Blockbuster late fee. That's 3 month's babysitting money, kids. But hey, you do have Netflix and chill, so there's that.

10. In case Blockbuster didn't make enough bank on your late fees. They made you rent one of these for a taste of the newest tech.

This was the 4G HD of our time, people. And it came at a premium. Only the elite watched their Blockbuster movies on DVD. That was a luxury we couldn't afford until much, much later. Luckily enough for us, the video store actually rented DVD players that you carried out of the store like a briefcase full of your wildest dreams. They had a weird handle on the case. Like, oh hey Blockbuster, pleasure doing business with ya. When my dad felt like living the high-life he sprung for that high-quality DVD experience.

11. Super Nintendo though.

So many of the hipsters reading this post, whom never experienced the pure joy of playing Super Nintendo in its heyday, may have recently found yourselves rushing to your nearest retail store in search of the comeback kid's counterpart, New Nintendo SNES Classic Edition, which dropped last month. If you haven't scored yours yet, you better keep looking because it gave us 90s kids life.

12. But first, let me take a selfie.

Guuurl, I cannot tell you how many pointless pictures I took with my friends on these fun AF disposable cameras. Nobody obsessed over getting the perfect angle, the most flattering lighting or posing just so. You snapped a pic and prayed for at least 1/2 your photos to turn out ok. And you know what, they always did. Some of my favorite photos are from the 90s for this reason. Candid. Classic. Didn't take you out of the moment, only enhanced it and saved it forever. Plus, half the fun was picking up your pics and finding out how they turned out!

13. The original Siri for moms and dads who got sh*t done.

My dad got my mom one of these bad boys for Christmas one year. And because my mom was kind of a boss, she loved it. You see, before we were all lazy AF, and didn't have Siri to sass us when we asked her to set a reminder or pencil in an appointment, we had PDAs - Personal Digital Assistants. I imagine my mom's purse was pretty heavy carrying around her PDA, beeper, Nokia brick and gasp, pen and paper.

14. Annnnnd I will always love youuuuu....

Back when CD sales were a thing, the WalkMan was the THE thing. Everywhere you went, study hall, family road trips, sulking in your room silently, the WalkMan went, too. Whether tuning out your mom's 70th time playing Whitney or just jamming to your favs, like "No Scrubs" or "I Get Knocked Down," WalkMan was always there.

15. The landline phone that always got you caught up.

Back when cellphones had minutes and minutes cost mucho, we always had our friends call us on the landline. That's right. And while this seemed to be saving us from the angry parental meltdown that came along with going over your minutes (GASP), this came with one serious caveat. I was lucky enough to have my very own chordless phone, so I never got tripped up in chords. But, mom caught me up lots of times... All she had to do was sneakily pick up another phone to find out you snuck out last night or you had a new BF, and BOOM, BUSTED. Talk about grounded (get it landline, grounded?).

16. Speaking of dialing...

Here's another way the parentals could really get on your nerves. You're at the computer minding your own business, trying to get onto your favorite chat room and get a killer away message posted on AIM, when mom picks up the phone and kicks you off the internet before you're even online. It used to take several minutes and some really awkward sound effects to "dial-up" to internet and actually do anything. Imagine "googling" something and waiting there for 5+ minutes before anything even shows up. #mindblown

17. #90sKids, we didn't even have social media.

Imagine that, a world without social media. In fact the first time we got a taste of this "social media" was thanks to our dear friend Tom over at MySpace. MySpace wasn't even a thing until the early 2000s. Back then we actually "liked" our friends and their photos IRL. What a glorious time.

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