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    8 Interesting Things About Mt. Kilimanjaro

    It is safe to say many of us have been craving adventure after a few rough years of the pandemic. Traveling and seeing the world's most spectacular sights and majestic mountains is no longer something taken for granted. I began thinking about where or what would be a tremendous unforgettable trip, after a bit of digging I found Helen Soto founder of Roam Wild Adventures who combines her client's thirst for adventure with sustainable tourism. She reeled off lots of amazing African destinations but the one that stood out to me was climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. What could be more adventurous than climbing a mountain in Tanzania. Here are some of the fascinating facts Helen kindly shared with me.

    Mt. Kilimanjaro

    Image of Mt. Kilimanjaro

    The Oldest Person to Reach the Summit is 89yrs

    Snowcovered Mt Kilimanjaro

    The Summit Name is Freedom

    Two people jumping for joy

    Sits at the Equatorial Plane

    Snowey mountain with cloud cover

    It is a Volcano

    Mt Kilimanjaro in summer time.

    It Consists of Three Peaks

    Climbers walking down Mt Kilimanjaro

    55% of Climbers make it to the Summit

    Climbers hiking down Mt Kilimanjaro

    First Climbed in 1889

    Close up of climbers navigating a steeper climb.

    Mt Kilimanjaro certainly seems like a bucket list adventure and a stunning place to see, it is one of the many adventures throughout Africa offered by Roam Wild Adventures. The tallest mountain in Africa seems like the perfect place to inspire us to get up, get out and explore this beautiful world we live in.