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Twitter Explains Why Jay-Z's "4:44" Is More Than Just Album Of The Year

JAY-Z's 13th album 4:44 gave its greetings to the world this year. Here's how people connected to this important album, available on TIDAL.

Earlier this June, there were some mysterious billboards put up in places all over the world.

Okay fine can someone please explain these ads all over Jay St Metrotech

On June 18, it was revealed that JAY-Z's new album called 4:44 would be released on June 30 and he shared a clip of his new, fire track "Adnis."

.@S_C_ ‘4:44’ #TIDALXSprint

1. People went into hype mode.

Just downloaded Tidal. Ready for #4:44 #JayZ444

2. And fans immediately connected with the album.

I mean I already knew 4:44 was going to be great ... but I'm 2 songs in and it's lit ... "the story of oj" Has me shook already 😩

3. Production was on another level.

Jay Z "Smile" beat - LAWD I AM NOT WORTHY #444album

4. Listening once was not enough.

4:44 was one of my top hip hop albums of the year. listened to The Story of OJ and Marcy Me so many times

5. The lyrics really resonated with fans.

6. And while some caught on to the autobiographical elements....

Between ‘Lemonade’ and ‘4:44’ I really don’t understand how Beyoncé and Jay Z really out here making HISTORY and he…

7. ...others were more drawn to JAY-Z's depiction of our shared biography as a people...

Listening to jay z 4:44 album gave me the feeling of being in a History classroom

8. ...and how that history is still important today.

The story Jay Z tells is a part of America's history. Jay Z taught me more about my father than my father did, and 4:44 might just slay me.

9. But also, more importantly, our present and future.

JAY Z's 4:44 album is a relationship counseling class, money management, history lesson, and #BLM movement all in one.

10. Needless to say, people realized there was a lot going on here lyrically.

4:44 could be a college course. It has so many relevant and complex elements

11. Hov still had more to say, so he also released "Footnotes for 4:44."

The footnotes for 4:44 specifically are so important to black culture. That should have been the music video.

12. Can we talk about the music videos though?

Jay Z put all the viral New York videos in his 4:44 visual

13. People thought the way they weaved in internet culture, online activism, and even old-school animation styles into their visual narrative was beautiful.

Jay-Z delivered with these visuals. 4:44, Bam, Story of OJ...the man tells multiple stories. This album is timeless and unbelievably great.

14. And, of course, JAY kept the activism going in his legendary SNL performance this year.

#JayZ rocking a @Kaepernick7 Jersey while doing Bam & 4:44 made my morning flawless

So cheers to us bumping 4:44 into 2018 and look out for the brand new video for "Family Feud" on TIDAL!

.@S_C_’s “Family Feud” x 12/29 x #TIDAL:


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