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12 Hidden Gems You Can Now Stream From The Beatles

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1. From Please Please Me:

"Misery" — The second song on side one of the Beatle's debut studio album was slower and more relaxed than "I Saw Her Standing There," which made it the perfect song to bop along to...especially when that piano riff comes in.

4. From Beatles for Sale:

"I’m a Loser" — This truthful song was inspired by one of the gang's favorite influencers, Bob Dylan. The tunes are still upbeat, but man, are those lyrics dark.

6. From Rubber Soul:

"In My Life" — Some of us who didn't have cool parents, may have heard this song for the first time when Amaya from Real World: Hawaii sang it at an open mic night way back in 1999. The rest of us have been lucky enough to enjoy the sweet tunes and falsetto notes our whole lives.

7. From Revolver:

"And Your Bird Can Sing" — There's a lot of mystery surrounding the lyrics in this song. Which makes it super fun to think about when you listen to it over and over again.

8. From Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band:

"Within You Without You" — You can clearly hear the strong Indian influences that George connected with in this one. Did you know Ravi Shankar taught him how to hold a sitar?

9. From Magical Mystery Tour:

"The Fool on The Hill" — This is kind of the perfect song for walking around the part of your neighborhood you've never been to before on a Sunday, ya know? Notable lyrics: "He never listens to them / He knows that they're the fools."

10. From Yellow Submarine:

"Hey Bulldog" — This tune shares the driving, slightly off-kilter sound of the title track of Yellow Submarine, but the refrain of “You can talk to me / You can talk to me / If you’re lonely you can talk to me” is so infectious it’ll stick with you for days. Bonus points for lively barking from the band at the end.

12. From Let It Be:

"Two of Us" — "You and I have memories / Longer than the road / That stretches out ahead." Do you have someone in your life that makes you feel that way? Play this one for them till they understand.

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