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12 Places You Probably Don't Want To Buy Anything From

You went looking for a bargain, and instead found these places. For the totally non-sketchy way to get your tickets, go to Ticketmaster.

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1. Maybe find a different babysitter.

2. You know what? We'll just watch it on Netflix instead.

3. You can probably buy a better T-shirt of your "friend" Ross.

4. We recall the graphics on this game looking... different than this.

5. This isn't how your bank contacts you, right?

6. How about you don't buy these "meats" from this Israeli supermarket?

7. Call to see what? Call to see what?!

8. Good luck getting this to work on your PlayerStyle:

9. Where do you think they keep the laser? In the grill by the picnic table?

10. Keep driving. Just keep driving.

11. No.

Welcome to Olney, Philadelphia. #SeemsLegit


Welcome to Olney, Philadelphia.


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12. Finally, avoid the bank that gave you this "hundred-dollar bill":

Don’t frequent businesses that traffic in the sketchy or the fake. The next time you get tickets, make sure they're real. Ticketmaster always has real 100% verified tickets