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    15 "Elf On The Shelf" Celeb Renditions That Are Impossible To Read Without Giggling

    I'm living for this creativity!

    1. Grease on the Reese

    2. Hanks on the Banks

    3. Garcelle on the Pharell

    4. Bowie on the Zooey

    5. Penn on the Jenn

    6. (Miley Cyrus) Banana on the Hannah

    7. Pascal on the Gal

    8. Stark on the Mark

    9. Styles on the Kyle

    10. Jamie on the Amy

    11. Skate on the Kate

    12. Erykah on the America

    13. Ferrell on the Cheryl

    14. Leno on the Cheno

    15. And lastly, Beebs on Reebs

    Did we miss any really good ones? Let us know in the comments!

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