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13 Things That Happen When You're Incredibly Dependent On Free Wi-Fi

If it's good, it's good; if it's bad, it's a day ruiner.

1. You feel far too stressed whenever you clock that you may be about to go somewhere without any free Wi-Fi.

2. When you go to a friend's house, the first thing you ask is: "What's the Wi-Fi password?"

[friend pouring his heart out to me at his place] Wow, that sucks man. I'm here for you... so... is that WiFi password ALL lowercase?

Via Twitter: @RocksteadyRicky

3. You have a mild freak-out whenever you realise you've been using your 4G instead of Wi-Fi.

4. You think there is a special place in hell for the locations that require you to enter all of your personal details to access Wi-Fi.

Just found out that every time son is asked to give his email address in exchange for wifi access he puts

5. You've mapped out all of the cafés nearby where you don't have to awkwardly ask for a password.

special skills include: ordering tap water at a cafe & using their free wifi for 3 hours

6. And you've blacklisted all of the places that are full of false promises.

What is betrayal?When you go to a place and you see a sign saying free wifi but when you try connecting, it asks for a password

7. Slow Wi-Fi has almost driven you to the absolute edge...

I suppose you can't complain about wifi being slow if it's free. I'm going to anyway. Slow wifi will be the death of me.

Via Twitter: @phia_57

8. ...and the frustration you feel when your phone has connected to a random "free" Wi-Fi that doesn't work is unparalleled.

9. Sometimes you feel like you spend most of your life waiting to connect.

Waiting for the Wifi in between tube stops is our modern day dial up Internet.

10. You've become an expert in cracking passwords.

Just randomly guessed the wifi password at a random place while waiting for someone

11. You've been lost a fair amount of times because you haven't been able to access your maps.

has anyone got a physical map of London you can come with me maps isn't working on my phone and we're lost lols

12. When you finally find a strong connection, all of your WhatsApp notifications rush through at once.

13. And, finally, you're more dedicated to finding free Wi-Fi than to any relationship you've ever had.

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