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Real People’s Crap Christmas Present Stories

It’s the thought that counts, right? This Christmas, Three have some great deals, so you can treat yourself to something you really want while also buying great gifts for family and friends. Someone should tell these guys about it.

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1. "I once received a mobile phone from an unnamed family member. It was locked, had no box or charger, and actually belonged to someone who had reported it stolen."

2. "My mum gave me a briefcase for Xmas when I was 12. I asked if she meant it for Dad."

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BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE: "She also once left a plastic bag with some deodorant, a toothbrush, some gold-coin chocolate, and a cheque for £40 when they had gone off on holiday somewhere nice. For the record, I'd asked if I could go too. She said no."

Queen of presents.

3. "When I was about eight my auntie bought a Ninja Turtles Raphael action figure for the kid she used to babysit, and I was super envious. Then she hyped up a 'great' present for me that Christmas..."

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"She gave me a box with some sky blue Y-fronts and a matching thermal vest in it. Cowabunga."

4. "My dad bought me a mini-television (cool, right?), which he'd broken before wrapping it (less cool) and didn't tell me about. He just went 'Oh, that f***ing technology...' and put the kettle on."

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"Even though we eventually (two weeks) swapped it for one that worked, it was Christmas Day; I was eleven and heartbroken. He came clean a few years ago. He will not be forgiven."

7. "When I was 8 years old, my parents gave me £20 to buy presents for them and the whole family. I spent £18 on sweets and stuff, and bought them dandruff shampoo to share."

9. "I once got a bullet with my name on it in my stocking. An actual bullet with my name actually engraved on it. Someone found it in Russia and thought it would be cool. It kind of was."

14. "My brother is crazy about darts, so I got him a set of big chrome darts that you screw into a wall as coat hangers for his darts room. He opened them and said 'Yeah, I have no use for these'."