10 Reasons Why Those 2 Guys Deserve Their Jobs Back

Once upon a time, we were the spokesguys for Sonic. Now, we’re unemployed, getting fat eating ice cream sundaes. Don’t sit around just feeling sorry for us. Do your part by signing our petition!

1. We’ve Got Tons Of Prior Experience

Here we are during happier times, when we were both employed. Just try and tell us we don’t look like the two most qualified guys on the planet.

2. We’re Masters Of Disguise

3. We’ll Supply The Minivan

We’ve got a sweet Chevy Astro Van just waiting to burn some oil.

4. We’re Dedicated

We’ve even taken on work at the nearest Sonic. You’ve got to admit, we look pretty great in uniform.

5. We Have The Entire Menu Memorized

Not just anyone can say they know the entire Sonic menu inside and out. If Sonic was a University, we’d be graduating with honors.

6. We Can Make A Song Out Of Anything

7. We’re Highly Motivated

Just look at this picture of us climbing a mountain. (not photoshopped)

8. We’re Not Currently Doing Anything

Basically, since we lost our jobs as the Sonic guys, it’s been pretty depressing. Now we spend our days sitting around, trying to get people to read our sign.

9. We’re Willing To Go Into Uncharted Dessert Territory

Willing to go where no two guys have gone before.

10. We Even Wrote A Song

about how badly we want our jobs back.

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