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Model CJ Franco Introduces Neon Beige - The Hottest Athlesiure Brand Of The Summer

Neon Beige is a cheeky, fun and true athleisure line that is inspired by glamour, accessible luxury, and sexy at the center of everything. The line was created to make women feel effortlessly sexy whether they are at the gym, eating ice cream, or running errands.

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Model CJ Franco Introduces Neon Beige - The Hottest Athlesiure Brand Of The Summer

CJ Franco is a model, actress, and now fashion designer who has found out exactly what it takes to successfully break into the male-dominated industry of fashion. CJ recently launched her new athleisure line, Neon Beige. This bold line was created to make a women feel effortlessly sexy, no matter the occasion. Neon Beige is designed with a woman’s body in mind, with every piece tailored specifically to flatter and emphasize a woman’s curves.

Creating Neon Beige has not been an easy road for CJ. After dropping out of UCLA’s business school, her education took an unconventional route with the creation of Neon Beige. Franco states, “Starting a clothing line is the most challenging thing I have ever done, and it’s hard when people initially don’t take you seriously, as if I’ve had something handed to me. It’s my job to prove people wrong and show them I can be just as serious and committed as a man or someone with a conventional education.”

As a new fashion designer, the most important thing that CJ has learned is to not be afraid to ask for help. When she broke into the world of business, she knew that she had a lot to learn, and instead of being overly cautious, she was completely honest. She wasn't afraid to ask for help when she needed it, and she learned how to do things the right way, without cutting corners. CJ firmly believes that the key to success is to always stay humble, ask for help when it is needed, never compromise or settle, and do things the proper way the first time.

Creating a transitional line was very important to CJ; she believes that today’s women are multi-talented, fast paced, and dynamic and need a wardrobe to keep up with them! Simplifying workout clothes to fit into every woman’s existing closet is an easy solution to make the transition from a spin class at the gym to a coffee date with a friend effortless.

Neon Beige is unconventional, ironic, and unapologetic. Neon Beige is not a color, which is exactly CJ’s point; it emphasizes the mentality that there is not one right way to do things. According to Franco, “color outside the lines, make yourself happy, and live your life the way you want to.” As a female in the design world, CJ knows how important it is for women to feel good in what they’re wearing. This marked the beginning of Neon Beige. The idea of the collection is to make women feel beautiful no matter what their personal body types are.

The idea of a true athleisure line created by and for women is a new concept, and was the primary inspiration behind Neon Beige.

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