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Top 10 Best Albums (All Styles Combined) For Valentine's Day

We know all that music is very important in our lives little matter the time or the current event and regardless of the location. In this case, the event in question here is Valentine’s day or the day of lovers. This article will present the top 10 of the best albums, recent or older, for this particular event. There is a style of music for every moment in an event like this if you make it at home. Here are the 10 albums which, for me, will make you spend a great romantic evening.

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10. I Left My Heart In San Francisco, Tony Bennett (1962)

Tony Bennett was an unquestioned celebrity from the world of Jazz and Pop music at the time, this album is one of his biggest hits, why not put it in early in the evening when you serve an aperitif?

9. Songs For Swingin' Lovers!, Frank Sinatra (1956)

How to spend this evening without putting some songs from the legendary Frank Sinatra, Frank Sinatra and his song New York, New York will accompany you, why not, at the end of your aperitif.

8. The very best of Barry White (1991)

Barry White is one of the pioneers of Soul music, and his songs are known all over the world. You can choose between Frank Sinatra and Barry White for your end of the aperitif.

7. James Brown, The Godfather (1986)

You did Cook a dish in the oven, or you have already planned the entrance? So, it's time to eat. We change artist and ambient, James Brown is a legend of Soul music and even world-famous. This album will take you a great start to the meal with a glass of champagne.

6. Stevie Wonder, Number Ones (1973)

The meal is ready and it's time to turn on an artist a little more "all-purpose ". Nothing like Stevie Wonder and hits like Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours, or Superstition to begin the meal of the best of the ways. 

5. Ray Charles, The Very Best Of (1960)

Continuing on the soul which is the style of music that is most appropriate for this part of the evening for me. A good glass of red or white wine during the meal in front of your partner or your companion, you surely prepare to move on to the main course. Ray Charles and his music at a particular rate will accompany you during this time.

4. Childish Gambino, "Awaken, My Love" (2016)

It's time to get to dessert. Spend on a much more contemporary artist with a very convincing album, this album is an album that I listened lately and I think it deserves its place on a night like this. 

3. Pharrell Williams, G I R L (2014)

Pharrell Williams is today a global star for his hit song "Happy" and its influence on the world of fashion, is his most recent album, it includes notes happy and romantic. This album may very well pass for your end of the meal.

2. Michael Jackson, Off The Wall (1979)

How an evening of Valentine without putting a good old Michael Jackson, this is his first album and happen perfectly at the time of the digestive that will allow you to move to the last step of the meal, champagne.

1. Marvin Gaye, Marvin Gaye "50" (1983)

This album includes all the greatest songs of Marvin Gaye, who is the artist who is certainly the best known for this evening. To put after the meal when you head to the living room to continue this wonderful evening. You see what type of activity you propose to your partner or companion (I let your imagination do the work..!).


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