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Which Star Would You Date?

Do you want to know which star matches your person(ality)? Do this quiz and you will find out. We will find the perfect match! But it´s for girls only.

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  1. What’s your talent?

    doing sport
    putting make-up on
  2. What is the most important thing for you in a relationship?

  3. What’s a no-go in a relationship?

    being unfaithful
  4. Which adjective describes your character the best?

    open for everything
  5. Where would you like to travel?

    L.A.: to have parties
    Hawaii: to chill at the beach
    Africa: to help poor children
    Europe: to visit new cities
  6. Do you flirt?

    No, I´m not very confident.
    Only when I am not in a relationship.
    Yes, sure.
  7. What is special about you?

    I´m ready to have fun all the time.
    My smile is unmistakable.
    I help wherever help is needed.
    I have a big ass and big boobs.
  8. How should your boyfriend be?

    always happy
  9. What is your favorite song?

    Love yourself - Justin Bieber
    Stronger - Kanye West
    All I want - Daniel Skye feat. Cameron Dallas
    You´ve lost that lovin´feelin´ - Glee Cast

Which Star Would You Date?

Du hast: Justin Bieber

You are the perfect one for Justin Bieber! You look like Selena Gomez and your character is the same. You support him and you will always be on his side. Moreover, you are a good singer and so you can make music videos with him.

Justin Bieber
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Du hast: Brad Pitt

You fit perfectly to Brad Pitt. You are loyal at any time and want to have many kids. Moreover, you are very skinny and sporty . You are very social and support charity organizations. Furthermore, you like to dress fashionably.

Brad Pitt
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Du hast: Cameron Dallas

You are the perfect match for Cameron because you have got a great sense of humor. He likes to travel with you all over the world and do many adventures. All in all, you always put a smile on his face and make him happy.

Cameron Dallas
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Du hast: Kanye West

You match perfectly to him because you look hot. You have a big ass and big boobs. You are always there for him when he feels stressed out. Also, you enjoy being in the public eye and keep your styles up-to-date.

Kanye West
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