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Paid PostNov 15, 2017

You’ve Probably Never Heard Of This Island But You’ll Definitely Want To Go

"A one-way ticket to Hainan, please!"

1. This is Hainan, a tropical island in the South China Sea that you should really know about.

Fei Yi Yang

Never heard of it? You're not alone.

2. It counts Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines among its neighbours.

Peterhermesfurian / Getty Images

Hainan isn't as far away as you thought, huh?

3. It has some pretty incredible cities...

Fei Yi Yang

Like Sanya, which sits on the south coast of the island.

4. ...with some pretty out-of-this-world architecture...

Pioneron / Getty Images

Phoenix Island is a man-made residential area that puts on a light show at night.

5. ...and dramatic scenery.

Raffles Hainan courtesy of This is Hainan

6. It has beaches so perfect that they're #NoFilter ready.

Luxizeng / Getty Images

The Sanya Bay beaches are about as picturesque as they come.

7. The island's unique culture is part of what makes it so special.

8. And memorable food!

9. Speaking of, the local delicacies are adventurous to say the least.

Alexey Galyzin / Getty Images

Sea urchins, anyone?

10. Animal-lovers, you won't be disappointed. Not only are there parrots...

11. ...but you can even hang out with some monkeys.

Valerimak / Getty Images

Nanwan Monkey Island nature reserve is specifically for macaque monkeys to chill out on and is a popular tourist destination.

12. The island has plenty of luscious green landscapes ready for you to explore...

13. And mountains ready to be scaled.

Lynnhsin Photography / Getty Images

Bucket list item: completed.

14. Wherever you stay, you'll be privy to some pretty awesome sunsets.

15. All in all, it's a place where you want vacation to stretch on into infinity.

Sino Images / Getty Images

Plan your own trip with the help of the This Is Hainan Facebook page, which has plenty more tips and tricks and information about the island.