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Justice V Grande - The Battle Of The Nickelodeon Starlets

From Broadway to Television, music to TV made musicals these two power house females have been going at it in the Hollywood scene.

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Victorious, a Nickelodeon kids television series that aired it's pilot episode in March of 2010

This show gave a platform to two newly named actresses, Victoria Justice.

And Ariana Grande.

During the shows running the two got along pretty well, with the occasional scripted bumps.

But in 2013 when the show 'Victorious' ended people had different speculations as to why the highly rated show came to an end.

Ariana had said in an interview with Seventeen that she was "unhappy" when on the set of the series towards the end of its filming.

Fans came to the conclusion that Grande was talking about Justice because Grande also stated that "the show ended because 1 girl didn't want to do it. She chose to do a solo tour instead of a cast tour."

Needless to say Justice took to social media to clear up those rumors but quick...

Apparently though something went wrong, because after many more tweets and 'feud' rumors Grande took to her Twitter to tell the truth.

Ariana said that the magazine misquoted her and that she was actually talking about a girl she worked with during her Broadway days

So all seemed good in their lives after that.

They both embarked on music careers, Ariana pulling out numerous #1 singles.

Victoria released her song 'GOLD'

Victoria did more in her acting career playing many film roles.

Grande made her appearance on 'Scream Queens'

But the latest endeavor the two Nick stars have embarked on is Television Musicals. 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' for Justice,

As Janet Weiss.

And 'Hairspray' for Grande,

As Penny Pingleton.

With their 'feud' ended there still may be an underlining battle these two starlets have for one another. But for now #allLove and no hate towards these two talented girls.

Oh, but don't get started with the whole Grande/McCurdy feud.

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