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16 People Who Are Probably Questioning Their Choices Right Now

It's OK to make mistakes. Just ask these people. Doubting your decision to become a uni dropout? Think Education is here to help.

1. This girl, who perhaps should have just walked:

2. This boy, who just went from "batter up" to "batter down" in a matter of seconds:

3. This lost soul:

4. This dude, who'll probably use his hands next time:

5. This unfortunate girl who just learned an important lesson about fire:

6. And this girl, who learned a similar lesson about physics:

7. This guy, who never should have shotgunned the top bunk:

8. This boy, who from this day forward will only ever use the slide for its intended purpose:

9. This girl, who forgot to inform her horse that they were filming the Ice Bucket Challenge:

10. This girl, whose mum definitely taught her not to drink straight from the bottle:

11. This poor, poor daredevil:

12. This man, who's like, "Oh man, why didn't I take the elevator?":

13. Whoever was wearing these pants:

14. This boy, who'll wear spandex next time:

15. This lady, who may or may not continue marching to the beat of her own drum:

16. And this guy:

Don't end up like these people. If you're questioning whether you should have dropped out of uni, let Think Education show you the light.