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16 Healthy Dinner Ideas Made With Beef

Because beef can be anything you want it to be.

Beef is not only a protein champion, it is also one of nature’s best sources of iron, zinc and B-vitamins. Here's some recipe inspiration to incorporate more of these essential nutrients into your daily diet.

1. Transform boring weekday meals with these steakhouse skewers, served with a kale Caesar salad and crunchy whole grain toast.

A plate of kale caesar salad topped with beef cube skewers

2. Tingle your taste buds with this sweet and tangy Korean-style BBQ beef.

3. Stop hunger in its tracks with this stacked Tex-Mex salad with grilled steak.

A close up of a neatly layered Tex Mex style salad in a mason jar

4. Get your veggie fix with this hearty paleo-friendly beef stir-fry.

5. Enjoy a fragrant and zesty beef rice bowl that's a twist on traditional Egyptian street food.

A beef rice bowl on a marble counter next to a tea towel

6. Dress up your grains with this golden rice and beef that gets its vibrant hue from zingy turmeric.

Two bowls of golden rice dotted with ground beef, beans, and carrots

7. Bite into these beef and coriander dumplings topped with spicy chilli oil.

Two bowls of homemade dumplings drizzled with chili oil

8. Spice up burger night with these Korean bibimbap patties.

A Korean-spiced burger patty topped with a runny fried egg and served with a cucumber salad

9. Put a twist on Taco Tuesdays with these taco-stuffed peppers with ground beef and homemade seasoning.

10. Celebrate April Fools' Day with these meatloaf cupcakes topped with creamy mashed potato frosting.

A close up of the meatloaf cupcakes topped with mashed potato icing

11. Chase away the winter chill with these decadent Tuscan short ribs served on a farro pilaf.

A top down view of the braised short ribs nestled on a bed of farro pilaf and steamed green beans

12. Indulge in a pan of classic creamy beef stroganoff.

A top-down view of the beef stroganoff in a porcelain bowl

13. Satisfy your salad cravings with a beef and lentil salad.

A top down view of a fresh lentil salad with thinly sliced rare roast beef

14. Minimize dinner prep with these tender barbacoa-style beef tacos that'll braise overnight.

15. Impress your family with a stuffed and rolled roast beef that looks almost too perfect to eat.

A large stuffed and rolled roast beef sliced and arranged on a wooden serving platter

16. Think outside the box with this Thai curry beef take on traditional ramen.

A top down view of a bowl of curry beef ramen with bamboo chopsticks on the bowl

For more healthy and delicious beef recipes, be sure to check out!