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Top 5 Reasons To Send Your Child To Tallahassee's Young Actors Theatre

Young Actors Theatre (YAT) is a non-profit youth theatre and school for the performing arts founded in Tallahassee, Florida in 1975. YAT offers a comprehensive performing arts curriculum to students ages 3 - high school as well as a professional-quality mainstage season of shows.

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1. The Wonderful Friends

Rachel Reizberg

The friendships forged between the walls of Young Actors Theatre (YAT) create a permanent bond between those who share them. Coming to YAT allows students to interact with those who may not attend their school, creating a more diverse and unique environment for our students to connect with their peers. YAT alums can verify that while school friends may come and go, the bond between Yatties lasts a lifetime.

2. The committed staff:

Paul Grimes

The teachers and staff here at Young Actors are fully committed to not only the instruction given, but making sure it is fun and compelling to each and every one in the class. Many of our instructors have professional experience in multiple fields of the performing arts industry, and use that knowledge to give our students the tools that will enable them to pursue many career paths.

3. The alumni

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Young Actors places a strong importance on skills necessary for a plethora of career paths. Many of our alumni pursue careers in the performing arts industry; one very distinguished YAT alum is two-time Emmy award winning actor Tony Hale. Tony used the skills learned at YAT to eventually star in television shows and movies landing him four Emmy nominations, and not one, but two Emmy awards. Other YAT alum have taken different paths such as, The medical field, Tech work, teaching, modeling, and so much more. Each one of the students who walk through the doors of Young Actors will be given life skills and tools that allow them to excel in many different areas, preparing them for the life after YAT.

4. The opportunity to stand out

Valerie Smith

In the traditional classroom setting students are generalized rather than personalized. Here at YAT our staff is devoted to the growth of the individual. The students are given the opportunity to express themselves through the performing arts allowing for students to branch off from the traditional math, science, and history they are given at school and granting them the ability to discover what they’re passionate about.

5. Top-notch performance opportunities

Paul Grimes

Young Actors students are always given the opportunity to perform whether that be in the classroom, on the stage, or out in the community. Performing allows students to apply the skills they are taught in class on a real and exciting platform. The application of these skills benefits the student in many tangible ways, boosting their confidence and developing their critical thinking and public speaking skills. These are transferable skills which will remain as lasting tools throughout the students' lives.

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