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14 Ghosts You Never Knew Could Haunt You

If you're not afraid of ghosts, you have a lot to learn. Catch The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death in theatres January 2, 2015.

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1. Mogwai

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Mogwai are vengeful ghosts that target non-family members who have wronged them in life. In modern Chinese culture, people burn banknotes after they have sinned in hopes that the money will go to the mogwai, remedying their sins.

4. Vortex

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You ever go into a room and it seems to be suddenly colder, sending a shiver down your spine? Vortexes are unseen, tornado-like masses of spiritual energy, hallmarked by a drop in temperature in its vicinity. Sometimes vortexes can be seen as a centralized, amorphous atmospheric warping.

5. Nǚ Guǐ

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Nǚ guǐ ghosts are vengeful spirits of women who committed suicide after being mistreated in life, preying on lecherous men in their afterlives. Said always to appear as a beautiful woman in a white or red gown, the nǚ guǐ lure men to their deaths, usually after the man has wronged his lover.

6. Hungry Ghosts

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The spirit of hungry ghosts are perpetually unsatiated; these ghosts are the remaining spirits of greedy people — or those with addictions to food, drugs, or sex — who passed on still craving their earthly vices.

7. Inanimate Ghosts

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You've heard stories of ghost ships, visions of trains running on defunct tracks, or haunted dolls? These are all examples of inanimate ghosts, or objects which have been occupied by a human spirit. Inanimate ghosts are among the most tragic, frozen in time, perpetually trapped in the same routine and entity.

8. Crisis Apparitions

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Ever think you just saw someone you know, or have a dream about them, and find out that something horrible happened soon after? You might have witnessed a crisis apparition, a spirit of a living person who is about to be in peril.

10. Doppelgänger

Trini Schultz /

This one isn't merely a lookalike — doppelgängers in the ghostly sense are astral projections or spiritual doubles of someone who is still alive, yet may soon die. They are always seen by loved ones, or the person him or herself, soon before they die.

11. Shuǐ Guǐ

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They say drowning is one of the worst ways to go... Shuǐ guǐ are ghosts of people who have drowned to death, or in life had a strong relationship to the sea. These spirits seek vengeance for their horrific demise by targeting swimmers, fishermen, boaters, and the like.

12. Ghost Animal

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It's believed that the sole requirement to become a ghost is to have had a soul. Enter: ghost animals. These are apparitions taking the form of an animal who was likely someone's pet in life. These ghosts are usually harmless and often remain near the burial ground or home of their masters.

13. Guǐ Shù

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If you've ever felt like you were going insane while lost in the countryside, there's a chance some guǐ shù were tricking you. These spirits manifest in apparitions of trees which appear randomly and move places, intending on confusing travelers.

14. Lemures

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Lemures, of ancient Roman origin, are angry, violent spirits of those who were not given a proper burial or funeral rites after death. They torment the living out of anger for not having been respected after death, or were not shown enough kindness in life.

Seeing is believing. Catch The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death, in theatres January 2, 2015.

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