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13 Awesome Things You Didn't Know About The Coast Guard

Choppers, drug busts, and Jeff Bridges, oh my! Did you know the US Coast Guard saves 10 lives a day? Study up on these exciting facts and tune into Coast Guard Florida on The Weather Channel for more thrilling action.

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3. It May Be Small, But It's Mighty

Coast Guard News / CC BY http://2.0 /

The USCG has fewer members than the NYPD, however, they cover 3.4 million square miles of Exclusive Economic Zones (sea and coast) daily.

10. Rescue Swimmers Are Super Badass

Coast Guard News / CC BY http://2.0 /

Rescue swimmers are like Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and Air Force Pararescuemen rolled into one. These are the brave young people jumping out of helicopters into dangerous seas to carry out daring rescues.

11. Becoming A Rescue Swimmer Is Near Impossibe

Coast Guard News / CC BY http://2.0 /

With one of the highest student attrition rates of any special operations school, around 75 students enlist in rescue swimmer training school and less than half make it out.

12. The USCG Made A Cameo In "Jaws"

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Toward the end of the movie while hunting the shark, the crew radioed for the Coast Guard. The Voice on the Coast Guard end of the line was played by director Steven Spielberg.

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