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7 People Speak Candidly About How Going Back To Uni Changed Their Lives

What does it take to become a “master”?

The popularity of postgrad degrees is skyrocketing, with the number of Australians holding a postgraduate qualification jumping by 46 per cent from 631,000 in 2011 to 921,000 in 2016. Has it paid off for them? And what are the challenges? Here are seven postgrads and their stories.

1. Yarmila Alfonzetti

2. Anna Debenham & Alex Parker

3. Ben Gwilliam

4. Emma Arazzi

5. Jack Blair

6. Jameela Truman

7. Jodie Kell

Considering a change into a completely new career? Think you need to go back to uni and start from scratch? Think again. A postgraduate degree from the University of Sydney can open the door for a career change, advance your career and help you pursue your passion.