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10 Reasons Why Every MMA Fan Needs To Watch "The Ultimate Fighter"

What side are you on? The new season (and new era) of The Ultimate Fighter begins April 22 on Fox Sports 1, putting rival gyms American Top Team and Blackzilians up against one another.

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1. Because it's the first season away from Las Vegas — it's in South Florida, home turf of two of the best MMA gyms in the world: American Top Team and Blackzilians.

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Only 20 minutes separate the Blackzilians gym in Boca Raton, FL from the American Top Team gym located in Coconut Creek, FL.

2. Because they are fighting for bragging rights and a prize of $500,000!

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Nothing more rewarding than proving you've gotten the better of your rival. The money doesn't hurt either.

3. Because this season features some of the gyms' 16 best up-and-coming welterweights.

Courtesy of Fox Sports 1

American Top Team:

Marcelo Alfaya (16-7, 1NC), Steve Carl (21-4), Nathan Coy (14-5), Michael Graves (4-0), Hayder Hassan (6-1), Sabah Homasi (8-4), Uros Jurisic (5-0), Steve Montgomery (8-2)


Valdir Araujo (14-5), Carrington Banks (3-0), Luiz Buscape (16-5), Jason Jackson (4-2), Vincente Luque (7-4-1), Andrews Nakahara (4-2-2), Felipe Portela (8-2), Kamarudeen Usman (5-1)

4. Because these gyms have produced some of the best UFC fighters in the world.

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"Ruthless" Robbie Lawler (ATT) is current UFC Welterweight Champion.

"Suga" Rashad Evans (Blackzilians) is the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.

5. Because you need to pick a side!

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For the first time ever, The Ultimate Fighter will feature fighters from rival gyms going head-to-head against one another all season long.

6. Because you think American Top Team (ATT) fighters are the best around.

Courtesy of Fox Sports 1

ATT is the home of established veterans of the pro MMA scene. Think of them as the big brother of the Florida fight game.

7. Because you think ATT's heated rival, Blackzilians, is actually better.

Courest of Fox Sports 1

Blackzilians is a relatively new camp that have quickly made a huge splash. They’re the scrappy little brother with something to prove.

8. Because the coaches for this season aren't UFC fighters, but the actual gym owners, Dan Lambert (ATT) and Glenn Robinson (Blackzilians)...

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Dan Lambert co-founded American Top Team in 2001 with Ricardo Liborio and Conan Silveira. Maturing into one of the first "super camps," many fighters rose through the ranks of the UFC.

...who don't like each other...

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The bad blood dates back to 2011. After four American Top Team fighters broke away from the gym, Glenn Robinson provided a place for them to train. As more fighters joined Robinson's camp, Blackzilians was born., really don't like each other.

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Many have accused Glenn Robinson for poaching the former ATT fighters to start his own camp. The Blackzilians founder claims he was just helping friends out.

(Yeah, you get the point — these guys despise each other.)

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With the remaining backlash from the schism, the gyms producing many talented fighters, and being so close to one another, the heated rivalry continues to grow to this day.

9. Because you enjoy the art of trash talking.

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Just like there's no love loss between the founders, the fighters of each respective gym have no affinity for one another.

10. And because it's nonstop action from the first episode.

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The new season (and new era) of The Ultimate Fighter begins April 22 on Fox Sports 1! #WhatSideAreYouOn ATT or Blackzilians?

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