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11 Awkward "Talks" That Every Relationship Must Overcome

There's a reason it's your most intimate relationship. Confront the awkwardness head-on with the women of The Talk, weekdays at 2PM ET, 1PM CT/PT.

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1. The “Do You Mind If I Use Your Toothbrush?” Talk / Via

"Hmm, do you mind if we start seeing other people instead?"

2. The "Does This Make Me Look Fat?" Talk / Via

"Either way, I'll let myself out."

3. The "Tone Can't Be Expressed Through Text" Talk

"Then use an emoji!"

4. The "Did You Just Fart?" Talk


"Err... no, that was the leather on the couch."

5. The "I Love You, But I Come First" Talk / Via

"So we're... not(?) breaking up?"

6. The "Are You Looking At Him/Her?" Talk / Via

"Oh, it's a crime to use my eyes now?!"

7. The "Wait... Were You Faking It?" Talk


"No, not at all, so much fun, SO much fun. Can we get dinner now?"

8. The "It'd Feel Better If You..." Talk / Via

"It'd feel even better if we never talked about this again."

9. The "Have You Ever Swung the Other Way?" Talk!bMgOS7

"What does 'swung' mean exactly?"

10. The "We Never Talk" Talk



11. The "Who Is Your Celebrity Freebie? I Promise I Won’t Be Mad… No, Seriously, It’s Just for Fun!" Talk

The Polish Brothers / Via

"Surprise, surprise, this wasn't fun."

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