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13 Reasons Why Nothing Compares To Being In Love When You're Young

Love like you've never been hurt. It's the only way to go about it, just like those in The Spectacular Now, playing select cities, nationwide August 28.

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1. Everybody else is also an awkward teenager, so they're just as weird as you are:

2. There's a lesser chance that either of you have any old relationship baggage:

3. Holding hands makes a statement that feels as big as marriage:

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4. Kissing? It never gets boring:

5. You can celebrate one/two/three week anniversaries and be completely sincere about it:

6. Your parents will spot you for date money:

7. And without tons of money to spend, you can make gifts that show how you feel:

8. Getting to know each other over coffee is sweet and not some "obligatory first date" thing:

9. If one of you has a car, it's the ultimate way to escape:

10. Riding bikes to the movies is just as romantic:

11. You get to hangout while doing (or pretending to do) homework:

12. And you could just spend forever talking about the future:

13. But most of all, it feels so fantastically/beautifully/amazingly epic:

Inspired by finding your first love and making sure you live in The Spectacular Now:

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