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“The Soup” Is Finally Coming Back To Talk About The Most OMG Pop Culture Moments

Pour yourself a hot bowl of pop culture recaps and commentary in 2020!

So pop culture nowadays is....complicated.

Every news story is memeified a thousand times.

But nobody seems to know what is actually going on!

Well, luckily, one of pop culture commentary's most trusted institutions is returning to E! — The Soup!

For those of you who are actual babies, The Soup was a hilarious show from 2004–2015 that would recap the week's pop culture stories along with sarcastic, satirical commentary. Well, a new can of The Soup is opening in 2020, along with a brand-new host, comedian Jade Catta-Preta!

Jade may have her work cut out for her as things have changed a bit since 2004. As she likes to say, "It's a media-gasm out there!"

But luckily The Soup will be covering pop culture across the hottest new series...

...the latest O-M-G reality TV moments...

...the best viral videos...

...And everything in between.

Plus, the show is just dang funny!

So join Jade and let the weekly stew of pop culture wash all over on the new The Soup!

Set your DVRs now for The Soup, returning Wednesday, Feb. 12, @ 10/9c only on E!