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12 Forgotten Shows We Wish "The Soup" Could Still Cover

These TV triumphs are definitely in the show's Hall of Fame. Although we haven't seen new episodes of the below treasures in a long time, you can watch the all-new 500th episode of The Soup LIVE on Wednesday, August 21 at 10/9c! But first, pour one out for these much-missed programs.

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1. Being Bobby Brown

Bravo / Carl Posey / Everett Collection

They were the best and a breakthough kind of reality family – the kind that tends to totally forget there are cameras around. The no-holds-barred look at Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston also arguably provided The Soup's most legendary reaction joke.

2. Britney and Kevin: Chaotic

If you give a girl a camera, you'll get a lot of her and her boyfriend rambling in night vision. Also, does POPOZAO mean anything to any of you?

3. NYC Prep

All it took was a bunch of kids to show the major differences between uptown and downtown, even if they didn't have drivers licenses. And Sebastian totally had Bieber beat on the chronic hair-flip tip.

4. Legally Blonde: The Search for Elle Woods

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

With more smizing than on the Top Model runway, once you throw in singing and a pair of character shoes, the claws come out faster than ever.

5. The Simple Life

Fox / Michael Yarish / Everett Collection

The "fish out of water" TV show premise is easy enough, but no one could have imagined how far it would take this pair. From charming a community of folks to taking on internships, we really got to watch them grow up on national television.

6. Anything starring New York

Jesse Grant / Getty Images

We've watched her fall in love (three times). We've watched her go to work. We've met her mom a few times. So WHERE IS SHE NOW? More like "Miss You New York."

7. Bridalplasty

E! / Via

What started as shock and curiosity for most viewers endured for an entire season. We all probably wanted these women to find happily ever after however they could, but when things took an evil turn engineered at the hands of Jenessa, all bets for a somewhat sane viewing experience were off.

8. Rock of Love

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

If there was one series that personified the gift that keeps on giving, it was undoubtedly this one. They took it on the road. They tried to turn the girls into proper ladies. But if you're already bleeding rock and roll, you're still going to fight to the death for the heart of its long-haired, bandanna'd king.

10. Blow Out

Bravo / Everett Collection

No person has fought to look so consistently "bangin'" all the time as Jonathan Antin, and his allure followed him to heaps more Soup-worthy moments as he launched his home shopping line – all because he washed his hair with bottled water one morning.

11. Viva Laughlin

CBS / Robert Voets / Everett Collection

We wish this weird Vegas-meets-Glee show wouldn't have been canceled after one episode solely because it would have been such a constantly delicious addition to The Soup.

12. Meerkat Manor

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E! / Via

It doesn't take humans to be dramatic. These meerkats are so missed – especially by Joel.