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10 Still-Hilarious Inside Jokes From "The Soup"

Insane TV moments just wouldn't be the same without these people speaking their minds for us. And pop culture as we know it wouldn't be the same without the show that pretty much invented the reaction GIF. Tune into The Soup's 500th Episode, airing LIVE on Wednesday, August 21st at 10/9c to see the latest batch of one-liners pop across your screen. Some of the classics are below right now.

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1. "He's a douchebag."

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FROM: Ma's Roadhouse

IN RESPONSE TO: Any dude acting out of line

Ma Fairless is never sorry for partying. Her time on our TV screens was short but pretty much the sweetest. She remains a shining and scratchy-throated example on how to live your best life during your golden years, when a filter is clearly never necessary.

2. Embracing David Caruso

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FROM: CSI: Miami

IN RESPONSE TO: Anytime a pun was appropriate to cap off a joke

Speaking... your sentences... with dramatic pauses. Cue the shades. YEEEEAAAAAHHHHUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH.

3. "That... I do, sir."

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FROM: Dinocroc vs. SuperGator, the made-for-TV movie

IN RESPONSE TO: Any time Joel felt like he needed an extra thumbs up

Jerry the 43-Year-Old Pool Boy not only served his movie producer boss well by setting up a party cabana to his liking, but served us well with his muted enthusiasm and understanding whenever Joel was seeking confirmation.

4. Sanjaya

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FROM: American Idol

IN RESPONSE TO: Sanjaya's overall gloriousness, or anytime someone couldn't compare to it

His magical hair and the love of his tweenage fans may have disappeared since the height of his popularity but his essence is still inescapable.

5. Spencer's Beard

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FROM: The Hills

IN RESPONSE TO: Spencer Pratt's attempts to transition to adulthood

It's not just any batch of facial hair or a run of the mill beard. It's creepy and flesh-colored, nothing more, nothing less.

6. Dunkadooballs

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FROM: Over The Limit

IN RESPONSE TO: Total nonsense

This lady was way over the limit, and turned our laughter levels up that much, too.

7. "Here go hell come."

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FROM: Project Runway

IN RESPONSE TO: Impending disaster

Bless Calvin Tran, but more importantly, bless whatever producer prompted him with an interview question that generated such an incredibly quotable response.

8. "It's gross."

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FROM: Access Hollywood

IN RESPONSE TO: Too many things

Billy Bush has even appeared on the show in person to express this catch-all that began with the Octo-Mom, but could touch ten thousand more people that have attempted to be TV-famous.

9. "What's that tell ya?"

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FROM: Ax Men

IN RESPONSE TO: Needing an extra set of eyes and ears to comprehend how some people act on TV

The Soup is one giant rhetorical question, and a man with no front teeth is just the vehicle to drive that home when things get super absurd.

10. The Unlikely Voice of Reason

FROM: Unpredictable people you know and love

IN RESPONSE TO: A time something they said actually made sense

Sometimes logic comes from place and people where we least expect it. So glad "The Soup" could provide these necessary moments of pause.