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4 Pro Tips for Hurricane Survival

Hurricanes are certainly things to be worried about. However, one must not forget all common sense when a hurricane is looming close by. Here are some pro tips to help you prepare and survive a hurricane.

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1. If that thing is about to hit your area and it’s category 5, EVACUATE!!!

There’s this funny thing about hurricanes. They’re not biased, political, or particularly religious. They don’t care what the color of your skin is, how much money you have in your bank account, or how many votes you won in Missouri. That thing will rip your roof off in the most unprejudiced, balanced, bipartisan, impartial way possible. And you’ll be sorry your pride kept you from evacuating like you were supposed to. So, please, if you hear that the hurricane coming toward you is category 4 or 5, stop buying that bread and milk at the store and go to a safe place.

2. Stock up on water

Now, if you have several days of advance knowing that a hurricane is headed your way, of course, everyone is going to be ravaging the grocery store buying up all the bread and water. DO NOT FREAK OUT BECAUSE ALL THE STORE WATER IS GONE. Walmart is NOT the only source of water. Here’s a real pro tip. Follow these directions closely and you will not have to worry about buying water anymore.

1.Gather some empty bottles.

2.Go to your kitchen sink.

3.Turn on faucet and fill bottles.

4.Close bottles and store them somewhere.

See, that’s not so hard is it? It’s one of those luxuries we have in the USA – potable water (unless you live in Flint. Bless your heart.). This is not something Mexicans or Dominicans can do when they’re preparing for a hurricane. So go ahead – stop freaking out and try it out!

3. Stock up on unperishable goods

Why in the world are people stocking up on fresh meat?? Yeah, you can still use a grill when the power is out, but really? How are you going to eat all that before it spoils? What if your grill gets swept away? After narrowly escaping death, you are now craving a steak? Let’s be real, people. Canned stuff lasts forever, and some of it tastes pretty good. Cold Chef Boyardee probably isn’t the worst thing in the world, and it’ll be there for you after all your filet mignon was consumed two days ago.

4. Acknowledge that climate change is real

Let’s be honest. Having Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit the US within a week of each other is a little cray cray. And then there’s Jose, the jealous boyfriend, right on Irma’s tail. Climate change might sound like a fluke until you examine the science, which consists of measurable, documented data. Temperature, humidity, and air pressure have been drastically changing over recent years, and it is now becoming much easier for these storms to form. So stop making this a partisan issue, and do your part to help. It won’t kill you to walk an extra ten feet to the recycle bin. Turn the temperature up a bit when you’re out of the house. Shame the person whose car is puffing out filthy, disgusting black smoke. Ok, maybe don’t shame them, but talk to your legislators about developing better energy laws. If you care about your fellow human beings at all, you should definitely care about climate change.

While there are many other important hurricane preparation tips like boarding up your house, securing your important documents, and establishing an out-of-town contact, these tips deal with situations that a lot of people seem to struggle with. But you can conquer that hurricane like a boss if you follow these tips to help you remain calm, sensible, and smart.

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