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11 Things You'll Only Understand After Playing "The Sims"

The one place where you don't have to give up your smashed avo to afford a house...

1. That obsessively designing your fantasy home over and over will leave you severely disappointed by the limitations of building IRL.

Top down view of a Sims house showing large spacious rooms and a pool out the back

2. That your Sim's closet is much more impressive than the heap of piled T-shirts on your bedroom floor.

A Sim in the CAS standing in a tracksuit while multiple clothing options are on the side

3. That the level of detail in the game is so unparalleled that you'll wonder what's actually being reported on in The Sims' news.

A Sim on a chair gesturing to the TV which shows a Sim

4. That you can make your Sims do all the stuff you're too scared to attempt yourself — it's like a virtual life trial run.

5. That you're able to take your Sim out on luxe dates that, in reality, will cost you about a week's rent.

Two Sims sitting on a rooftop bar with their feet in a pool and cocktails next to them

6. That nothing you ever cook in real life will taste as good as a plate of goopy carbonara.

Animated version of a carbonara dish

7. That your Sim-children are SO cute and that maybe your mum is right — you're a little clucky.

Two Sim toddlers one dressed like a bee and another like a fox

8. That the phrase "dance like no one is watching" is much easier online.

A Sim grooving to the music in their home

9. That you can live out your childhood dream of becoming skilled in the art of magic, while wishing that your casting worked IRL.

A small Sim plays with a magic wand

10. That you can travel all over your Sim's world 'cause, ya know, 2020 — and satisfy your wanderlust.

Two Sims talking to each other while a festival goes on in the background

11. And finally, chatting with other players and realising that, in The Sims, there's a community unlike any other.

An assortment of Sims characters all squished around a dining room table

Reality can sometimes be a touch too overwhelming. Instead, live the life you want — only in The Sims.

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