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11 Ways You Can Steal Christmas This Year

Why should the Grinch have all the fun? There are more ways to wreak havoc on the holidays than there are days of Christmas. Test out ways to snag a spot on Santa's naughty list in The Sims 4.

1. Upset your family by hitting on the hot neighbor right in front of them.

2. Offer to help cook for the big dinner, and then just throw everything you have from the fridge into a bowl.

3. Act offended when guests don’t like dinner, force them to eat it anyway.

4. Sneak away from family conversations for a quick WooHoo or two.

5. Offer to watch the kids while everyone goes to the holiday party, then immediately pass out.

6. Take a shower, don’t lock the door, and see what happens.

7. Roast Santa on an open fire if he dares to enter through the chimney.

8. Wake up sleeping children at any holiday party you attend to tell them Santa isn't real.

9. Dampen Christmas morning with a surprise that can't be contained in a stocking.

10. When company arrives, seclude yourself in the corner and talk to your real friends: your online ones.

11. And offer to run out and get more ice for the party. *Immediately forget what you're doing and hit a bar*

All images are courtesy of EA Games.