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5 Things You Probably Do Before Getting Out Of Bed

I'd like to call it "my morning rituals".

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1. The mandatory Instagram and Snapchat go throughs

Fran Solo / Via

It's almost vital to be up to date the second you wake up by opening your Instagram and Snapchat to get that morning body juice running! You scroll through your Instagram feed until you reach the post you saw last night before you shut your eyes and you watch all of your friend's snap stories before they get deleted (you probably also re-watch your own story).

2. Catching up to all your group chat messages / Via Tumblr

When you have to do your diligent duty as the best possible friend, there is no time to waste the second you wake up because you need to reply to ALL the messages from your various group chats. It doesn't help if your friends are overseas and there are SEVERAL timezone differences.

3. Drawing your curtains to get some of that sunlight / Via

According to How Stuff Works - Health, having a good amount of light in the morning helps us wake up. Light initiates our brain and internal body clock that it is time to seize the day and make good use of that 24 hours! I suppose it makes sense since we fall asleep in the dark.

4. Thinking about all the things you have to do / Via

You look at your clock, you count every single hour, you mentally plan out your day; you're feeling pretty good knowing it's going to be a productive day but it slowly seeps in that you have so. much. to. do.

5. Turning yourself into a burrito only to fall back asleep / Via

Comon' we've all been there, done that. Human burrito. Need I say more?

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