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    21 Animals That Are Having A Quarter-Life Crisis

    Science proved that animals can have midlife crises, so why not quarter life ones? Here are some animals suffering from such an affliction.

    1. This chimp who just doesn't know what to do anymore.

    2. This orangutan that's just too depressed to get up.

    3. This bunny that's unsure about the future.

    4. This dog that's been reduced to doing menial, humiliating tasks to pay the bills.

    5. This dog that drinks away the part of the day it can't sleep away.

    6. This ferret that's having the same problem.

    7. This forlorn dog that just reminisces about days long gone.

    8. This brooding cat that's wondering how things became such a mess.

    9. This dog that spends all its time on BuzzFeed because its too afraid to confront the realities of its life.

    10. This cat that feels alone and isolated.

    11. This capybara that just feels so numb.

    12. This pair of morose owls who are questioning their friendships.

    13. This hawk that just feels so disappointed in itself when compared to others.

    14. This wildebeest that doesn't want to move forward because it's approaching the big 3-0.

    15. This disappointed Ardvark that's still living off a parent while figuring out its life.

    16. This pensive lion.

    17. This Zebra that's about to start crying and having a nervous breakdown because its in so much debt and has no career prospects.

    18. This bunny that just doesn't want to talk about it.

    19. This bear that spends all day facepalming.

    20. This turtle that's crying out in emotional pain.

    21. This crestfallen panda that just wants to be left alone.