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The Official Charlie Sheen "Crazy Train" Playlist

Grab the popcorn, a drink and the remote, the Charlie Sheen "Crazy Train" is coming to a television near you. To get ready for the Charlie Sheen Roast on Comedy Central, we've put together the official playlist to get you in the mood. Add your favorites in the comments, and don’t miss the Roast Of Charlie Sheen, tonight at 10/9c, only on Comedy Central.

  • 1. Ozzy Osbourne - "Crazy Train"

  • 2. Quiet Riot - "Bang Your Head"

  • 3. The Ramones - "I Wanna Be Sedated"

  • 4. Gnarls Barkley - "Crazy"

  • 5. Queen- "I'm Going Slightly Mad"

  • 6. Suicidal Tendencies- "Institutionalized"

  • 7. Pink Floyd - "Brain Damage/Eclipse"

  • 8. Dead Kennedys- "Chemical Warfare"

  • 9. Megadeth- "The Right to Go Insane"

  • 10. Toy Dolls- "We're Mad"