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The 10 Most Epic Charlie Sheen Moments

When you're riding the crazy train, there's bound to be quite a few stops along the way. And it's certainly been a wild ride for Charlie Sheen all the way to Comedy Central's Roast. Check out some moments that will go down in infamy, and don't miss The Roast Of Charlie Sheen, tonight at 10/9c, only on Comedy Central.

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  • 1. Filming "Wall Street" While Drunk

    While filming "Wall Street," Sheen admits he would often show up to work completely trashed.

  • 2. Playing Himself In "Being John Malkovich"

    What should you do when you think you’re about to take a ride on the “Crazy Train”? Consult the king of crazy himself, of course.

  • 3. Launching Sheen Kidz, A Clothing Line For Kids

    Launching Sheen Kidz, A Clothing Line For Kids

    When you think of celebrities you’d expect to start clothing lines, Sheen would probably be dead last on the list. In 2005, Sheen’s dream came to life when he started the brand “Sheen Kids” which included the slogan of “Hope. Love. Dream.” Everything Charlie clearly stands for.

  • 4. The WINNING Interview

    The interview that proved Sheen is truly a "bitchin' rock star from Mars."

  • 5. Being Autotuned By The Gregory Brothers

    When you give an interview as epic as the above, this is to be expected. Shortly after Sheen gave his "Winning Interview," the Bi-Winning remix was created by Autotune The News sensations, The Gregory Brothers.

  • 6. Getting Booed Off Stage In Detroit

    When you decide to create a nationwide tour based on your crazy antics, you better give one helluva performance.

  • 7. Being Pelted By Fans At Gathering Of The Juggalos

    There's something to be said when not even Juggalos want to hop aboard your "Crazy Train."

  • 8. Being Told By Slash To Clean Up His Act

    You know it's gotten really bad when Slash needs to tell you to clean up your act.

  • 9. Getting Fired From "Two And A Half Men"

    Getting Fired From "Two And A Half Men"

    When you're the highest paid actor on television, there's nothing more epic than being fired off of your own show, and then having Ashton Kutcher replace you.

  • 10. Riding The "Crazy Train" To His Own Roast

    And the craziness continues. Now, Sheen is the conductor of his own "Crazy Train," and he's riding it straight to his own roast. All aboard! Don't miss The Roast Of Charlie Sheen, September 19th at 10/9c, only on Comedy Central.

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