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8 Of The Most Clever Halloween Costumes Ever

Where my ghouls at? Probably rummaging through their closets and the (inter)webs looking for cle(a)ver costumes. Here’s help with the most impressive, boot-tiful Halloween pun costumes for you.

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4. The Punkin

Halloween Costumes / Via

What would Halloween be without old fashion glow? This pumpkin-lit suit will make you nod to the ancient ghouls and gals who came up with this beautifully candied tradition. Heck, by itself it’ll make you the pun-kin.

7. Ken Bone

Halloween Costumes / Via

We know this isn’t exactly a pun, but we are all Ken Bone. We’re also bone heads sometimes, and this Halloween, celebrate the self-made man with a red sweater (bloody, maybe) and big, plastic bone.


These are eight easy, clever costumes that not only will prove you are the punniest, but that you are also probably the best dressed for the festivities too.

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