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Here Are Some Random Hilarious Tweets From 2016

2016 has been cray and these tweets reflect that. Take a break from studying for finals or working to have a laugh.

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1. This accurate description

Having a crush on someone is exciting. u know you'll end up ruining things like u always do, but how? The possibilities are endless.

2. Because this is so relatable especially now during finals

me: the professor said it's not something i can pull off the night before me to me: she don't know u like that

3. This cutie pie

"you ever miss how someone was when y'all first met?" yes

4. This classic story

5. ..Told you these tweets were random

6. Crying b/c #relatable

7. This dilemna

8. If you don't think this is hilarious then you're wrong (see what I did there?)

9. This incredible prediction

10. This Gary Johnson depiction

CNN: how do you feel about trump winning Gary johnson: winning what? when was the election CNN: yesterday Gary:

11. This piece of history

Why are we just finding out about this now

12. And this vine tweet b/c I had to

13. Lol

The next time a job asks me to have "work experience"

14. The conundrum

*at voting poll* Me: *whispering* psst what's the answer to number 5? Guy next to me: what the heck? #ElectionDay

15. Shocking!

16. And finally this..

There's a "Trump / Pence" sign here and this woman in front of me in line TO VOTE just said "I didn't know Trump's…

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