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11 Things Stranger Things And Septembryo Have In Common

Ever since season 2 of Stranger Things came out we just can't get enough. Luckily Michael 8 of Septembryo made this "totally tubular" 80s pop version of the Stranger Things theme song complete with lyrics inspired by the show. Which you can watch HERE. Obviously a huge fan, Michael says he actually wasn't always familiar. According to him he didn't begin to watch until a ton of friends and fans told him how much it reminded them of Septembryo. "There were quite a few coincidences that blew my mind a little. It was like the show was made for me. It was kind of spooky." Just how much are Stranger Things and Septembryo alike? We got you covered. Here are 11 Things Septembryo and Stranger Things Have In Common?

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4. Stranger Things is loosely based on "actual events" (Google The Montauk Project) The Septembryo comic is also inspired by "true accounts" of people who claim to have the ability to leave their body and the things they experience while outside.

5. One of Stranger Things' main female characters (Eleven) has psychic powers. One of the Septembryo comic's main female characters (Lynda) also has psychic powers.

7. Beginning at issue 3 (which was published in June 2017 and written years previously) the main villain of the Septembryo comic is revealed to be a shadow monster. "Guess how shocked I was when they introduced the main villain in season 2" as, that's right, a shadow monster!

8. The number 8 is central to Septembryo. The S logo resembles an 8. Michael was born on the 8th and his stage name is of course Michael 8. "When season 2 premiered numerous people rushed to tell me about a new character named 8! Of course there is also a character named Michael but I meet so many Mikes that I barely notice anymore. Now if in season 3 Mike and 8 meet and become best friends and everyone starts taking about Michael/8 I might just die."

9. The colours! When you think of Stranger Things and The Upside Down you think varying shades of blues. One of the things that has been central to Septembryo's branding has been it's very specific colour scheme. If you want to make a definitive comparison, hope over to his Instagram feed @septembryo and chances are you'll feel like you just entered The Upside Down.

The colours, children!

10. *SEPTEMBRYO SPOILER* In season 1 Eleven is trained at a special facility to harness abilities like "remote viewing" in order to gather information and report it to Dr. Benson. In the upcoming Septembryo comic #4, Michael 8 is trained at a similar facility to harness similar abilities for similar purposes.

11. And lastly, Eleven is a favourite character in the show. While Septembryo actually has a song called ElevenEleven that is 11 minutes and 11 seconds long and according to Michael, is a fan favourite. "This was probably the most common element of the show people were most excited to tell me about" says Michael "Combined with everything else it felt like something special was happening. After the massive success of the show it was like the universe was saying 'the world is ready for Septembryo'"

You can download/stream Septembryo's Stranger Things inspired single "Friends Don't Lie" on iTunes, Apple Music, GooglePlay and everywhere you buy music. Preview the comic at

Septembryo Comic art by RAD Pencils

Are there any other similarities you noticed? (We purposefully only wanted to find 11)

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