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    12 Times Iliza Shlesinger Proved She's The Most Relatable Comedian

    It's as if she knows you personally

    1. When she knew exactly why you make poor choices at parties

    2. When she knew your secret Pinterest double life

    3. When she knew the struggles of boarding zone 4

    4. When she accurately described the joys of Fall

    5. When she accurately explained Girl GPS

    6. When she knew how awkward first kisses are

    7. When she explained how to break up with someone

    8. When she shared her technique for searching large purses

    9. When she knew how the SPCA Sarah McLachlan commercial makes you feel

    10. When she knew exactly what a bra's purpose is

    11. When she described a women's sixth sense

    12. And finally...When she was spot-on about women and jackets

    Check out Iliza's 3 specials on Netflix for more!