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39 Things You Absolutely Shouldn't Do During "The Purge"

Welcome to America where all crime is legal... at least for 12 hours. Don't do any of these things if you want to stay alive — and while you're alive, catch The Purge: Anarchy in theaters everywhere July 18.

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1. Forget about The Purge.

2. Forget about The Purge, suddenly remember, then forget again.

3. Forget it's Daylight Savings Time. (You're exempt, Arizona.)

4. Mistake The Purge for another holiday.

5. Throw a last-minute surprise party.

6. Lock yourself out of the house.

7. Order pizza without tipping. (Those guys work hard during The Purge.)

8. Go on a red-eye flight.

9. Think about going outside.

10. Look outside.

11. Go outside.

12. Go on a walking tour around the city.

13. Lose the screws to your ready-to-assemble fortress.

14. Write your living will in pencil.

15. Ignore your homeowner's insurance. See what's covered.

16. Text your ex to come over.

17. Bring up your infidelity and/or terminal illness. Not now.

18. Run out of gas.

19. Run out of ammunition.

20. Take up hitchhiking.

21. Host an open house with your real estate agent.

22. Move into a new apartment.

23. Enter the United States.

24. Play ding dong ditch.

25. Sleepwalk.

26. Walk.

27. Turn on Location Services on your phone.

28. Live tweet your location.

29. Have your ringtone at full volume.

30. Walk into the wrong house. Embarrassing!

31. Barricade the wrong side of the door. Doh!

32. Wear the same mask as someone else. Awkward.

33. Attempt a citizen's arrest.

34. Leave the safety on.

35. Pay for anything.

36. Trust your neighbors.

37. Trust your co-workers.

38. Trust anyone.

39. Be a hero.

Will you survive the night? Get advance tickets to The Purge: Anarchy, in theaters everywhere July 18.

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